Master Edward Li Kui Ming was born in Hong Kong and graduated in Hong Kong Baptist University major in Journalism. He commenced his career in journalist media and film production for years. Since the mid-1980’s he devoted fully in the research and practice of a variety of Chinese divination, four pillars of destiny, Feng Shui, I-Ching techniques learned from a number of famous practitioners. Moreover, since the mid-1990’s he also commenced Buddhist education, promoted spiritual training as well as reducing superstition. In the course of his work, Master Li used his profound understanding of I-Ching and divinations to serve the community, and his contribution has been well received. Master Li possessed strong revolutionary spirit that were realized in many aspects of his accomplishments.

Master Li is renowned internationally and highly respected in the Chinese community, and is especially legendary in Hong Kong, adding much prestige and recognition to the geomancy field. Master Li published Chinese horoscope and Almanac calendar annually. He incorporated traditional philosophical ideologies within the astrological predictions, and emphasized mastering one’s destiny within one’s fate. Master Li’s yearly predictions were well-known to be very strong and accurate.

To cope with every year’s changing position of Flying Stars, he designed Feng Shui artifacts based on ancient Chinese “auspicious” folklore culture, and incorporated the required astrological effects into the design so as to improve or otherwise rectify the energy fields of the surroundings.

Fossils of Dinosaurs
Mineralogist had been searching in vain for this prime site for over 20 years; it was located by Master Li within an hour after employing geomancy techniques. The magical prowess of Chinese geomancy has astonished all who witnessed its efficacy. From time to time, fossils of Dinosaurs were discovered, such findings alarmed the world.
“Diamond rainbow-color” Ammolite mine
In the year 2002, Master Li’s geomancy technique was for the first time be deployed to locate new minefields. By applying the “Flying Star Method and the paths of nine constellations”, Master Li located a “diamond rainbow-color” Ammolite mine in North America. In recognition of Master Li’s geomancy expertise, the newly discovered minefield was named “MASTER EDWARD LI’S MINE”, it was the first time that a Geomancy Master had a mine named in his honor.
Chinese Geomancy

In the year 2000, Master Li was invited to Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States to do a reading on the geomancy of the Coca Cola Headquarters, and to make recommendations to the president of the company pertaining to the Feng Shui layout for the world-famous brand. Master Li forecasted Coca Cola’s “fortune” in the upcoming Millennium, and recommended changes on packaging and promotion strategies that would foster healthy growth of the brand. He also pinpointed the pitfalls and devised countermeasures to ensure robust global sales and auspicious company-wide development. The business developments and packaging of Coca Cola products in recent years were implemented according to the recommendations of Master Li, and business has been booming since. The company’s phenomenal success resulting from the application of Chinese geomancy has generated enormous interest in the Western media.

Master Li had conducted geomancy visits to various construction projects in big cities in China, namely Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., numerous famous construction projects were designed and built in consultation with his geomancy recommendations.

Coca Cola
Dubai's Royal Family
Goldin Finance
Make an Appointment
Esoteric Buddhism
holy-monk name being Yi Ran (怡然), and received his tonsure at Koyasan, Japan, in 1997. The Shingon Buddhism, which was largely derived from the Chinese famous monk in Tang Dynasty but was lost in China for over 1,200 years. It was Master Li’s aspiration to bring Esoteric Buddhism back from Japan and re-establish this long-lost Buddhist sect in China. He established Life Devotee (China Hong Kong Esoteric Buddhism Temple) in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong in 2001, it was developing into a modern Esoteric Buddhist research and study institution for the training of the next generation of outstanding and committed Esoteric Acharyas who will serve and contribute to Buddhism in China.


Moreover, Master Li established charity foundations in 2006, to build 17 schools in China in memory of the Grand Master Kukai, to assist to fund the repair and renovation of the “Grand Master Kukai Memorial Hall” in Fuzhou city, to fund the building up of the Memorial Hall in Luoyang city in memory of the three famous India Grand Masters who preached Esoteric Buddhism in China during the Kaiyuan reign (713-741 of Tang dynasty) and the building up of Grand Master Kukai memorial park in Sanya city in memory of the Esoteric Buddhism doctrine returned to China.

From time to time, either on regular basis or by invitation, Master Li was invited to attend TV shows at the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) and the previous Asia Television Limited (ATV), and radio programs at Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, and the previous Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong.

In the year 2013, Master Li had demonstrated through radio program and TV program, a live-telecast of life-destiny-telling for phone-in audiences. Master Li interpreted their “four pillars of destiny” and immediately gave life destiny analysis and solution for free. Master Li must and should have been the first one in Hong Kong who were so confident to do it in live show. Such free program was re-introduced in 2017 in Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and had attracted an influx of audiences locally and overseas making international telephone calls, eager to call-in for Master Li’s blessing advice.

Cantonese Opera
Due to Master Li childhood’s deeply-rooted love for Cantonese opera, that was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage recognized by the “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization”, upon seeing the fading out of its attractiveness among Hong Kong people, Master Li aimed to revive audiences’ passion in this Intangible Cultural Heritage. He established the Sunbeam Chinese Opera Cultural Company in year 2010, since then he devoted himself in the writing and production of Cantonese Opera.

In year 2012, a 40-years long historical Cantonese opera prime theatre, the “Sunbeam Theatre” was widely publicized that it was due to be closed. Various media and public regretting noises for the loss of this historical site alarmed Master Li. Two days before its closing down, Master Li rented this theatre for 4 years at 1 million monthly rent.

Up to 2017, within six years, 30 Original Cantonese Operas were being produced and performed, some were repeatedly performed due to high audiences’ demand. He wrote operas with beautiful stories and good stimulating philosophy, inviting famous artists / experienced opera officials both locally and from China, successfully created a new trend of live entertainment style in Hong Kong, people called it a “New Trendy Wave of Cantonese Opera”.

Also, Master Li’s Operas were often repeatedly performed in nearby cities such as Foshan, Guangzhou and big cities in Pearl River Delta, mostly conducted by two leading famous opera troupes in Foshan and Guangzhou that attracted many local audiences with strong love for it. Moreover, the Opera “Lovers’ Rendezvous”(蝶海情僧) was so popular that the script was re-produced into Peking Opera and Yue Opera, showed in Beijing, Shanghai and nearby theatres.

Such big successes had correspondingly brought about many overseas awareness. The Cathay Pacific Airlines and the Cathay Dragon Airlines incorporated Master Li’s five selected Cantonese Opera video be played inside flight TV channels. Big theatres of Japan, Singapore and Macau sent invitations to organize to show the Opera “Lovers’ Rendezvous” (蝶海情僧) between 2012-2014, which had profoundly moved many oversea audiences’ love for Cantonese Opera. Subtitle was translated into Japanese and English.

In year 2017, another two big Cantonese Operas “Dream Lovers of Mao Zedong” (夢之戀人毛澤東) and “New Romance at the Three Kingdoms” (三國志) were to be performed in Japan national and big theatres. The “Mao Zedong” Cantonese Opera, when being performed in Hong Kong in year 2016, attracted many controversies, the media and the public were very curious about the opera that was beyond Master Li’s contemplation. Interviews were arranged with a lot of local media as well as overseas media including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chinese section and the Financial Times.
Song Albums
In the past 20 years, Master Li released about 20 song albums with over three hundred beautiful Buddhist and life-encouraging songs, and had attracted many young loyal followers, and songs were popular among the Chinese community.


Master Li hosted several concerts in the past, and were very popular and successful. He wrote over 100 books, largely on Chinese astrology, I-Ching, geomancy, Esoteric Buddhism and life-encouragement aspects, many of them are on the bestsellers list and frequent re-printed required. There were about 50 series of audio and visual lecture discs produced.
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